Moderator's work(Moderatorの仕事)



  • 各担当の分野の意見を確認し、 #moderator へ投稿する
  • トピック投稿は日英併記(google翻訳可)
  • 議題の提出はいくつでも可能、ただし優先議題は1モデレーター1議題まで
  • 決定した内容を各担当の分野へフィードバックする
    ( #moderator は一般ユーザも閲覧できます )
  • 担当するDiscordの(general_japanese)などを統治する(荒らしなどの対策をする)
  • 原則としてmoderator全員の可決を必要とする。

What is a job of a moderator?
Reference material(GitHub)

  • Confirm opinions of each field of charge and post to #moderator
  • Topic postings are written in Japanese and English (google translatable)
    It is recommended that you make easy-to-understand sentences and Google Translate
  • Any number of submissions can be submitted but the priority agenda is ** 1 Moderator 1 agenda **
  • Feed back the decided content to each field of charge
    (#moderator can also be viewed by general users)
  • Governing (general_ japanese) etc. of the Discord in charge (take measures such as vandalism)
  • In principle it requires the passage of all moderators.

(test)モデレーターが議題に上げる条件とはWhat are the conditions for moderator's agenda?

I am resistant that KotoDevelopers have strong authority over the management of Discord.
When the moderator system is in operation, I would like to operate in the following way.
However, if you say that the burden on JP moderators and EN moderators is high,
I think that it is good to propose and to change “topic on channel autonomy”.


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